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The Master of Science in Civil Engineering (MSCE) Structural Engineering deals with analytical and experimental studies of the behavior of structures (e.g., buildings, bridges, and dams) under service loads (e.g., traffic) and environmental loads (e.g., wind and earthquake).

The Mission of the department is to provide students with a sound basic civil engineering education and to prepare them for entry into the professional practice of civil engineering, as well as to instill in them a recognition that civil engineering is a people-serving profession. In keeping with these goals, we aim to develop in students an understanding that a successful professional career is one that addresses the needs of society and requires a lifetime of learning and leadership.

To prepare students for success within the professional practice of construction management. This preparation includes an understanding of the design, engineering, business and technical principles and practices used in the construction industry. It also includes an awareness of the ethical, social and legal responsibilities of practicing professionals.

The MSCE in Structural Engineering:

  • Emphases response predictions or computations for these structures and their constituent materials (e.g., steel, reinforced concrete, and composites).
  • Examines the nature of structural loadings, both static and dynamic, with implications for design.
  • Is supported by experimental facilities in structural engineering

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