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    London , United Kingdom

    Course Overview This course provides a review of and a practical guide to several major econometric methodologies to modelling the stylised facts of the energy prices and demand...

    Starts: Apr 20, 2017 End Date: Apr 20, 2017
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    • 2 weeks ago

    Graduate Certificate of Engineering (Civil Structures)

    Hawthorn South , Australia

    The Graduate Certificate of Engineering (Civil Structures) is for students who wish to become competent professional structural engineers equipped with specialised knowledge and sk...

    Starts: Feb 26, 2018 End Date: Feb 26, 2018
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    • 3 weeks ago

    Electrical and Electronic Engineering - HNC

    Cardiff , United Kingdom

    Course overview: The HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering will give students a thorough grounding in all aspects of electrical and electronic engineering. You will dev...

    Starts: Sep 04, 2017 End Date: Sep 04, 2017
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    • 1 month ago

    Signals and Systems Professional Training

    Ulm , Germany

    The students will be able to classify, interpret, and compare signals and systems with respect to their characteristic properties. They can explain and apply analytical and nume...

    Starts: Sep 11, 2017 End Date: Sep 11, 2017
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    Professional Training Renewable Generation & Grid Integration (TSC)

    Karlsruhe , Germany

    The course provides focus on two aspects. Firstly the most common renewable energy technologies such as wind energy, solar power, hydro power as well as biomass will be introduced....

    Starts: May 29, 2017 End Date: May 29, 2017
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    • 1 month ago

    Design Thinking Program

    Vallendar , Germany

    The digitalisation of the economy and society is no longer a future vision. In many industries it is already a reality and presents a challenge. In this environment, executive...

    Starts: May 11, 2017 End Date: May 11, 2017
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    • 1 month ago

    Certificate Course Engineering of Smart Factories

    Aachen , Germany

    Due to variable product families and constantly decreasing product life cycles, previous methods to implement machines, facilities and processes and operating machines cease to b...

    Starts: Jan 28, 2017 End Date: Jan 28, 2017
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    • 1 month ago

    Technology And Sustainability Professional Training

    Cambridge , United States

    COURSE SUMMARY The purpose of this class is to address the issues of sustainability and to expand the engineering perspective of this problem. First, we review the concept of su...

    Starts: Jul 10, 2017 End Date: Jul 10, 2017
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    • 1 month ago

    Management Science and Engineering Graduate Certificate

    Stanford , United States

    As the rate of technological change accelerates and the world becomes more interconnected, engineers and technology professionals must understand and manage the social, political, ...

    Starts: Mar 21, 2017 End Date: Mar 21, 2017
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    • 2 months ago

    Acquisition Systems Engineering Certificate

    Pasadena , United States

    The Acquisition Systems Engineering Certificate Program is a six-day program providing comprehensive coverage of the field of systems engineering in the acquisition envir...

    Starts: Jan 09, 2017 End Date: Jan 09, 2017
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    • 1 year ago

    Certificate in Science and Technology Management

    New Yersey, United States

    The aim of the Certificate in Science and Technology Management is to upgrade the worker's skills and add to the Talent Network. It is available to qualified individuals intereste...

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    Certification in Management of Technology

    New Jersey, United States

    The Management of Technology Graduate Certificate provides students with the skills and tools needed to manage organizational change, both planned and unplanned, associated with ex...