MS – Mechanical Engineering

All master of science options can be earned on either a full-time or a part-time basis. A two-year projection of course offerings is available on request. Course offerings are arranged to permit the master's program to be completed by full-time students in a maximum of two calendar years.

Admission Requirements

The undergraduate backgrounds of applicants for admission to the master's degree programs vary considerably. For this reason, a variety of master's degree options are available. The applicant should have a bachelor of science or equivalent degree from a mechanical engineering program accredited by ABET. In evaluating an international application, consideration is given to academic standards of the school attended and the content of the courses leading to the degree obtained. Master's applicants are required to take the GRE (General Test).

Applicants whose bachelor's degrees are in other engineering fields, mathematics, or the physical sciences may be accepted, but will be required to remedy any deficiencies by satisfactorily completing a number of undergraduate courses in preparation for graduate study in mechanical engineering.

General admission requirements and the process for applying are presented in the Academic Overview section.

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