Master of Engineering (MEng) in Materials Science and Engineering

Duke’s Master of Engineering (MEng) in Materials Science and Engineering is an alternative to a traditional master of science program that will deepen your understanding of technology and help you develop the business leadership and management expertise you need to succeed in your career.

You will take specialized technical classes and a core of business leadership and management courses, with an internship or a project completing the degree.

Core areas of study include:

  • Solid Materials
  • Soft Materials
  • General Materials Science
  • Characterization

Duke Materials Science engineers explained why DNA has its unique spiral shape. We created the liposome as a way to deliver cancer drugs to tumors. And we discovered the formula for a quasicrystal metallic alloy that can be used for low-friction machine parts, such as ball bearings and sliding parts.

As part of our Master of Engineering in Materials Science and Engineering, you become part of a close-knit community of faculty who are tackling the tricky, messy problems that don't fit neatly inside traditional disciplines. Our research, teaching, and hallway discussions focus on pushing the boundaries of materials science.

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