Master of Engineering Management

The part-time Engineering Management program prepares ethically grounded, technically competent professional leaders with technical, managerial, and leadership skills to produce innovative solutions to technical organization challenges.

While management courses serve as the core of the Engineering Management program at Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals, students work within technical concentrations that span thirteen specific engineering disciplines. The thirteen concentrations provide for graduate-level work in specific engineering disciplines giving students a unique opportunity to mix their chosen technical concentration with engineering management perspectives. The curriculum provides a unique opportunity to build both technical and leaderships skills in order to contribute to a multi-disciplinary engineering management team. Instructors are experienced technical leaders and executives who discuss real-world challenges in formats that are convenient for professionals working at the nation's top engineering firms and R&D organizations.

Upon completing the degree program, students will:

  1. Solve challenges as effective technical contributors and ethical leaders to effect global, economic, organizational impact;
  2. Demonstrate grounding in the application of scientific, engineering, and leadership principles;
  3. Be recognized as professional leaders in contemporary, multiple disciplinary technical organizations who maximize their impact;
  4. Apply best practices as practitioners; can analyze, discriminate, and interpret data; and be a champion of innovation;
  5. Gain success in professional positions and apply learning preparation that builds upon their background for future advanced study.

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