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Energy Science and TechnologyEnergy conversion and energy systems have and will shape the evolution of mankind. In a number of ways, they are absolutely vital for the human existence. The EPFL master’s program in Energy Science and Technology provides a world-class educational environment to train students in charge of developing future technologies in the field of energy engineering.

Program’s Objectives

Future generations will rely on energy sources made available by massive renewable energy resources. The inherent nature of these resources is posing unprecedented technical and management challenges to engineers.

With an expected growth of 150% of the energy engineering job market by 2030 and strong demand for individuals with diverse skill-sets, the program tackles these challenges by training excellent students to become top professionals in this field with the objective of driving industry, science, and market innovations.

The master’s degree has three orientations: energy conversion devices, energy systems, and energy management and sustainability. In addition to attending regular lectures offered by our internationally-acclaimed professors, students will gain valuable practical experience with laboratory activities in world-class research infrastructures.

The master’s program is designed to welcome students from various bachelor’s and has a dedicated teaching program aimed to bridge the gap between different students’ backgrounds.

Simplified study plan

Please note that the information regarding the programs’ structure as well as the simplified study plan may be subject to change and that these are no legally binding. Only the official regulations and study plans are binding.


Candidates should have a bachelor’s degree from a reputable university and excellent academic results.

The strong interdisciplinary character of the master’s degree in Energy Science and Technology is reflected in the fact that the program is open to a wide range of bachelor’s degree holders in applied sciences and engineering, including but not limited to electrical, mechanical and environmental sciences and engineering.

Teaching Language: English, some optional courses in French.


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Master's programs