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To be a Centre of Excellence for providing effective teaching/ learning, skill development and research in the areas of Chemical Engineering and allied areas through the application of Chemical Engineering principles for the fulfilment of social and economic needs of the nation.


1) To educate graduate engineers with critical thinking skills in chemical engineering & allied areas who will be global leaders in industry and academia.

2) To inculcate fundamental knowledge base in undergraduate as well as post-graduate students which enables them to carry out further higher study, do innovative interdisciplinary doctoral research and to be engaged in long-life learning.

3) To train all UG, PG and PhD students of the department in addressing the challenges in chemical, petrochemical, refinery, polymer and allied industries by developing sustainable and eco-friendly technologies.

Program Outcome (POs) for Chemical Engineering

A graduate shall must  

Engineering Knowledge: Be able to apply basic knowledge of science and engineering for solving a multidisciplinary problem.

Problem analysis: Be able to identify, formulate and analyze the complex chemical engineering problems using the first principles of natural science, mathematics and engineering science

Modern tool usage: Be competent in using the skills and engineering tools necessary for complex chemical engineering problem analysis.

Design & Development of solutions: Be able to design and conduct experiments safely and to develop a process that meets desired specifications with consideration of environmental, safety, economic and ethical criteria.

Conduct experiments: Be able to conduct independent research, analyze and interpret the data to arrive at the valid conclusion on the basis of extensive literature review.

Ethics: Be committed to professional ethics and responsibility and norms of engineering practice.

Engineer and the society: Exhibit understanding of societal and environmental issue relevant to professional engineering practice.

Environment and sustainability: Understand the professional engineering solutions in the context of society and environment and demonstrate the need for sustainable development

Individual and team work: Demonstrate appropriate interpersonal skills to function effectively as an individual or as a member of a group and have command over a multidisciplinary team.

Communication: Communicate effectively on complex engineering activities with the engineering community and with society at large, such as, being able to develop managerial skills like interpersonal, presentation, communication and documentation of data, comprehend and write effective reports, give and receive clear instructions

Project management and finance: Be aware of most recent financial aspects related to professional activities and show expertise in undertaking projects with effective control over finance and time.

Life-long learning: Be able to recognize the need for continuous lifelong learning and be aware of latest development in the area of chemical engineering

Program Specific Outcomes (PSOs)


To develop students' understanding of the core scientific, mathematical and engineering principles conceive and design processes to produce, transform and transport materials (chemical products) — beginning with experimentation in the laboratory and followed by implementation of technologies in full-scale production.


To prepare students for professional work in development, design, modelling, simulation, optimization and operation of chemical products and processes.


With due emphasis on interdisciplinary and industrial collaboration, students are prepared for employment in such industries as chemical, petroleum, electrochemical, biochemical, semiconductor, nuclear, aerospace, plastics, food processing, environmental control etc.


Prepare students with high scholastic attainment to enter graduate programs leading to advanced degrees in chemical engineering or in related professional, scientific, and engineering fields.

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