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Friends, engineers, countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to make a request of you - don’t worry, its a short and relatively painless one. Here at NewEngineer, we are conducting research into the career paths of our beloved engineers.

New Engineer's Engineering Career SurveyRegardless of sector, seniority, or experience, we are asking, very simply, for you to complete our two-minute survey - the aim of which is to create a detailed report covering current job-market trends, and how jobs in the industry are found and applied for. As a sweetener, all those who partake will be included in a draw to win a €100 Amazon gift voucher - with Christmas fast approaching a potentially timesaving and stress-relieving prize. Or, knowing you engineers as we do, probably just an opportunity to pick up those β€˜Machine Design’ or β€˜IEEE Spectrum’ magazines missing from your collection - we are not here to judge. Participation is anonymous, so consider it a chance to bemoan the things you dislike about your job; to celebrate the things you enjoy, and to fantasise about your dream engineering future. Participants can be anywhere along the career path, from juniors just out of uni, to CEOs. All are welcome! Convinced? Click here to get started and have your name thrown into the hat!

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