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Postgraduate scholarships

Amount of Scholarship per YearInstituted by

Rs. 2 Lakh Mr. Ruyintan (Ron) E. Mehta Open to all UG students. Top five students admitted to the BTech program at IITGN and holding a JEE Advanced rank of 1000 or better or having represented India in any recognized international Olympiad.
2 Rs. 1 Lakh 
3 Rs. 1 Lakh 
4 Rs. 50,000/- 
5 Rs. 1 Lakh 
6 Rs. 1 Lakh 
7 Rs. 20,000/- 
9 Rs. 1 Lakh 
10 Rs. 1 Lakh 
11 Rs. 20,000/-
12 Rs. 1 Lakh  Mr. VVS Laxman (Through NGO Yuva Unstoppable) Open to all UG students. A first year student awarded scholarship may continue to receive it upto 4 years until graduation, subject to maintaining required CPI.
13 Rs. 40,000/- Mrs. Mugdha Mukund Divekar The scholarship will be awarded to one student securing highest grade in Chemical Engineering at the end of third year.
14 Rs. 1 Lakh 
15 Rs. 1 Lakh 
16 Rs. 1 Lakh 
17 Rs. 1 Lakh  Mr. Mohinder L Nayyar Open to all UG students. Preference given to the students demonstrating exemplary oral & written communication and presentation skills during the first three years of stay.
18 Rs. 25,000/- Professor DV Pai
19 Rs. 1 Lakh  Prof. Mahesh Tandon Open to all UG students. Preference given to a girl student interested in Structural Engineering. Else, another student of Civil Engineering may be awarded the scholarship.
20 Rs. 1 Lakh 
21 Rs. 1 Lakh  Mr. Bipin Shah Open to all UG students of Electrical Engineering and is awarded every year to one student to carry out summer research overseas in the area of Electrical Engineering.
22 Rs. 1 Lakh 
23 Rs. 1 Lakh 
24 Rs. 1 Lakh 
25 Rs. 1 Lakh 
26 Rs. 1 Lakh 
27 Rs. 1 Lakh 
28 Rs. 1 Lakh 
29 Rs. 1 Lakh 
30 Rs. 1 Lakh 
31 Rs. 1 Lakh
32 Rs. 1 Lakh
33 Rs. 1 Lakh


*Minimum CPI required for all the scholarships is 6.5 except for Kandoi-Dairkee-Gaurav Scholarship (Minimum 6.00 CPI), Prof. DV Pai Scholarship (Minimum 7.00 CPI).


Amount of Scholarship (Rs.)

18 (6 Disciplines * 3 batches) 2,000 per month 10 months In case the awardee is also a recipient of any other scholarship of equal or higher value. Then he/she is eligible for a one-time receipt of Rs.5,000 only.
2 6
All UG students (Except 1st year) 2

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Postgraduate scholarships


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