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UC3M - Double Master Degree in Aeronautical Engineering and Space Engineering

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The UC3M offers students the possibility of jointly studying the Master in Aeronautical Engineering, which will enable you to practice the profession of aeronautical engineer, and the Master in Space Engineering, thus obtaining a high level of specialization which will place you in an excellent position for entering the job market.

The Master in Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) provides, at a time, full professional accreditation as Aeronautical Engineer in Spain and an internationally-focused high-level education enabling individuals to develop their professional career in all sectors of the aeronautical and space industries, agencies, and research centers. To achieve these two goals the MAE syllabus combines a core, covering all fields of Aerospace Technology.

The Master consists of 90 ECTS, including a Thesis, distributed in 3 semesters. Optional extensions of up to 30 ECTS will be available for individuals wishing a deeper specialization or enrolling in a PhD program.

The MAE is most adequate for individuals with a BSc-level background in aerospace engineering and, in particular, its syllabus has been built upon the knowledge and experience acquired in the BSc in Aerospace Engineering (BAE) at UC3M. The MAE is imparted totally in English seeking the creation of  a multinational environment proper not only of the aerospace industry, but of most innovative fields, professions, and universities.

Small groups, of about 40 students, and a faculty team pertaining to a unique UC3M department assure a close monitoring of students and excellent coordination among courses.

The Master of Space Engineering provides the comprehensive and specialized training required by the space industry. This is a booming sector with growth in Europe and Spain of almost 10% per year in the last decade. The labor market of this industry is dynamic, with a high demand for master-level graduates in engineering, in particular, from the areas of aerospace and telecommunications.

The Master's program in Space Engineering responds to the international, integral, and multidisciplinary nature of the space projects and missions according to three vectors. First, the teaching of the master's degree is entirely in English. Second, it provides a complete training in design and systems engineering with a teaching methodology aimed at the development of space projects. Third, the key topics in space technologies and applications are covered theoretically and practically. These includes both the space vehicle, understood as the platform on which different subsystems are integrated, and its orbital and attitude dynamics, as well as the disciplines related to control, communications, data transmission, as well as the most relevant technological applications.

The UC3M has the appropriate means to provide the necessary multidisciplinary training, through the Departments involved in the fields of Aerospace, Telecommunications, Computer Science, Automation, etc. Finally, it has been established a close collaboration with the industrial sector for both lecturing and internships.



☛ 45 students per class

☛ 90% of the teaching staff is PhD or professional of recognized prestige

☛ Minimum 40% continuous evaluation

☛ Employability rates in the Aeronautical Engineering degree above 97% and unemployment equal to or less than 3% (INE, 2014

☛ 98% of graduates in Aeronautical Engineering believe that the title has helped them to find work (INE, 2014)


☛ 90% of doctors or renowned professionals in faculty

☛ Minimum 40% continuous evaluation

☛ Maximum of 40 students per class

☛ More than 10% of employment growth in the last 5 years in Europe (ASD)

☛ The size of the Spanish space sector has doubled in the last decade (TEDAE)

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