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Master’s Engineering Management

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Program Duration:

18 Months


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The Engineering Management programmes strive to develop professionals with advanced abilities in applying fundamental engineering sciences and related interdisciplinary principles enabling them to contribute as leaders in industry. The Engineering Management Programmes focus on the development of professionals for leadership roles in engineering and related technology fields.

What will the Engineering Management programmes offer you?

• Advanced capability to conduct fundamental independent systems engineering and management research independently.

• The ability to apply research tools and techniques on engineering management problems in the real-world.

• Advanced knowledge and skills to integrate engineering and management principles to solve complex problems.

• Skills to manage engineering activities such as design, planning, research, problem solution and project management.

Who should apply

Master’s programmes: MEng / MPhil (Engineering Management)

Applicants need a four-year Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or a Baccalaureus Technologiae, Engineering or an equivalent qualification of an equivalent standard with at least 1.5 year’s engineering experience.

Doctoral programme: PhD (Engineering Management)

An approved Master’s degree in Engineering or a similar approved degree at Master’s level with relevant engineering experience.

International students

The University of Johannesburg welcomes international students.

All applications to be completed online

To apply for the Engineering Management programme, please follow the application link on the UJ website.


For all admission requirements please view the FEBE Postgraduate yearbook on the UJ website.

Coursework Master’s Engineering Management

Duration: 2 years part-time or at least 18 months full-time

The coursework programmes consist of six compulsory modules and a research component which contributes to fifty percent of the programme.

The modules have been designed to provide skills and knowledge across four dimensions: i) systems engineering approach, ii) management principles, iii) engineering principles and iv) research capability.

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Posted on:

Program Duration:

18 Months


Master's Programs

Study Options

Full Time


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