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Master in Aeronautical Engineering

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Regular fees: 1786 - 9288 EUR

The Master in Aeronautical Engineering (MAE) provides, at a time, full professional accreditation as Aeronautical Engineer in Spain and an internationally-focused high-level education enabling individuals to develop their professional career in all sectors of the aeronautical and space industries, agencies, and research centers. To achieve these two goals the MAE syllabus combines a core, covering all fields of Aerospace Technology.

The Master consists of 90 ECTS, including a Thesis, distributed in 3 semesters. Optional extensions of up to 30 ECTS will be available for individuals wishing a deeper specialization or enrolling in a PhD program.

The MAE is most adequate for individuals with a BSc-level background in aerospace engineering and, in particular, its syllabus has been built upon the knowledge and experience acquired in the BSc in Aerospace Engineering (BAE) at UC3M. The MAE is imparted totally in English seeking the creation of  a multinational environment proper not only of the aerospace industry, but of most innovative fields, professions, and universities.

Small groups, of about 40 students, and a faculty team pertaining to a unique UC3M department assure a close monitoring of students and excellent coordination among courses.


☛ 45 students per class

☛ 90% of the teaching staff is PhD or professional of recognized prestige

☛ Minimum 40% continuous evaluation

☛ Employability rates in the Aeronautical Engineering degree above 97% and unemployment equal to or less than 3% (INE, 2014

☛ 98% of graduates in Aeronautical Engineering believe that the title has helped them to find work (INE, 2014)


The request is made electronically through our application. Before starting the admission process, please, read the following information:

Full-time enrollment in the Master requires about 40 hours of commitment per week during the academic period. This includes lectures and laboratory attendance, personal study, and preparation of assignments and exams.

Furthermore, continuous evaluation, based on assignments and quizzes during the course period, amounts to no less than 40% of the final grade in the ordinary call. Therefore, those people willing to coordinate a professional internship with the Master study are strongly recommended either to enroll part-time or, preferably, postpone the internship to the second Master year.


Can access the master anyone who is in possession of a bachelor degree in the branch of aerospace engineering that gives access to the Master's degree that gives professional accreditation to work as Aeronautical Technical Engineer in Spain or a degree that provides equivalent competences.

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