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Master's programs

The Master’s degree programme in Data Science offers an interdisciplinary approach gathering contributions from Engineering, Computer Science, Statistics, Economic and Organizational Sciences, as well as specific knowledge of the main Data Science application domains. In particular, the Master’s degree programme in Data Science offers the necessary professional knowledge for the development of the big data collection, management, processing and analysis technologies, and the resulting translation of these into key information for the knowledge and decision-making process within innovative business and social sectors.

This two-year degree consists of a first set of 39 credits in key academic disciplines aimed at providing basic Statistics, Engineering, and IT knowledge needed to develop appropriate software tools and infrastructures for the collection, processing and organization of big data and of the mathematical-statistic models useful for their analysis. The 39 credits will include at least 10 credits related to laboratory activities or individual study. These key courses are compulsory for all students, and the credits will be divided as follows: 27 on computer technologies and 12 on statistical subjects. 

Students will choose up to 30 credits in key academic disciplines. At least 6 of the 36 credits will be chosen among Humanities, Social, Juridical and Economic Sciences. Such disciplines are aimed at a professional profile combining engineering and computer knowledge with statistics, management, economic and juridical skills. 

These courses aim to provide a professional profile that combines the engineering and computer skills with statistical and management, economic and legal skills. These skills must be developed together with a profound knowledge of the economic, social and organisational context in which the Data Science methodologies are to be applied. In addition, 3 CFU are foreseen for Other Educational Activities which include internship activities in companies and participation in thematic Training Camps. 

Students will complete their course of study with 12 elective credits and 12 related to activities in related academic disciplines. Attendance is compulsory only for laboratory and practical activities. All courses are taught in English. 

Students’ achievement will be assessed through mid-term tests, discussions of group activities or individual written works submitted during exams. 

This course of study allows the Master’s graduate in Data Science to find jobs in small and middle-sized enterprises, large companies, public bodies, local institutions, and public and private research institutions. Their step into Ph.D.s and Masters is also another opportunity for the Data Science Master’s graduate. 

The “Manifesto” study plan: fundamental, core and elective exams, credits and course language can be found here

The Data Science application procedure for international students for the academic year 2024-2025 can be found here.

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Master's programs


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