U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has approximately 37,000 dedicated Civilians and Soldiers delivering engineering services to customers in more than 130 countries worldwide.

With environmental sustainability as a guiding principle, our disciplined Corps team is working diligently to strengthen our Nation’s security by building and maintaining America’s infrastructure and providing military facilities where our servicemembers train, work and live. We are also researching and developing technology for our war fighters while protecting America’s interests abroad by using our engineering expertise to promote stability and improve quality of life.

We are energizing the economy by dredging America’s waterways to support the movement of critical commodities and providing recreation opportunities at our campgrounds, lakes and marinas.

And by devising hurricane and storm damage reduction infrastructure, we are reducing risks from disasters.

Our men and women are protecting and restoring the Nation’s environment including critical efforts in the Everglades, the Louisiana coast, and along many of our Nation’s major waterways.  The Corps is also cleaning sites contaminated with hazardous, toxic or radioactive waste and material in an effort to sustain the environment.

Deliver vital public and military engineering services; partnering in peace and war to strengthen our Nation’s security, energize the economy and reduce risks from disasters.

Engineering solutions for our Nation’s toughest challenges.


Directorates and Offices

Civil Works

The Civil Works programs include water resource development activities including flood control, navigation, recreation, and infrastructure, environmental stewardship and emergency response.


Provide comprehensive contracting and acquisition solutions in times of peace, war and disaster for USACEand its national and global partners

Corporate Information (Information Technology)

Serves as the USACE Chief Information Officer and provides executive leadership for the Corps information management program.

Cost Engineering

Formulates all regulations and policies, and provide guidance and directions on all issues related to Cost Engineering for the Military Programs, Civil Works, Environmental and Construction Programs. In addition, it provides economic analysis for the Military Construction program and oversees the maintenance and operation support of the Cost Engineering automation tools.


The US Army Corps of Engineers Legal Services System is an integrated network of counsel offices that spans the globe including more than 50 offices in the Continental United States, as well as offices in Hawaii, Alaska, Korea, Japan, Germany and Iraq. These offices employ over 500 attorneys and support staff. We are counselors to decision-makers and play a critical role in the planning and execution of Corps projects.

Emergency Operations

Each year, the Corps sends hundreds of people to respond to disasters around the world. In any disaster, Corps of Engineers three top priorities are: Support immediate emergency response priorities; Sustain lives with critical commodities, temporary emergency power and other needs; and, Initiate recovery efforts by assessing and restoring critical infrastructure.

Engineer Inspector General

To determine the state of discipline, efficiency, economy, morale, training and readiness throughout USACE while providing the commander a continuous, objective and impartial assessment of the operational and administrative effectiveness of the command.

Engineering and Construction

Provides HQUSACE staff support; and directs the technical aspects of engineering, construction management, environmental protection and restoration, operations, maintenance and repair activities of USACE missions worldwide.


The Corps supports or manages numerous environmental initiatives including Ecosystem Restoration, Formerly Used Defense Sites, Environmental Stewardship, support to EPA Superfund and Brownfields programs, Abandoned Mine Lands, Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program, Base Realignment and Closure 2005, and Regulatory. The Corps' environmental programs support the warfighter and military installations worldwide as well as the Corps' public recreation facilities throughout the country.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Manages and directs the Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Employment Programs for the Commander, USACE.


Collects, documents, interprets, disseminates, and preserves the history and heritage of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. 

Human Resources

Exercise headquarters command policy guidance and staff supervision on USACE military and civilian personnel programs.


Provide the full spectrum of support from peacetime to contingency planning and response, mobilization, wartime, humanitarian operations, and disaster relief.

Military Missions

Provide premier engineering and construction, real estate, stability operations, and environmental management products and services for the Army, Air Force, other assigned U.S. Government agencies and foreign governments.

Operational Protection Division

The Operational Protection Division (OPD) serves as the primary advisor to the USACE Commanding General for protection. Provides policy and support to USACE organizations for the functional areas of Antiterrorism (AT), Physical Security (PS), and Law Enforcement (LE) and Criminal Intelligence (CRIMINT). In support of the Director of Contingency Operations, coordinates and synchronizes the functional areas of protection in order to maximize the security of the USACE workforce, infrastructure, and information in a risk-informed manner.

Real Estate

Acquires, manages and disposes of real estate for the Department of the Army; executes DoD Executive Agent responsibilities; executes specialized programs; provides real estate services on an as-needed basis to our government partners; and performs unique contingency capabilities.

Research & Development

Creates and shapes policy and perform strategic planning, direction and oversight of research and development for the Corps Military and Civil Works programs, and for the war fighter; advises the Chief of Engineers on matters of science and technology (S&T) and set conditions for success in all S&T conducted in the Corps.

Reserve Components

The Office of the Deputy Commanding General, Reserve Affairs is the USACE proponent for policies, procedures, and command guidance on issues concerning Reserve and National Guard Engineer resources in support of the US Army Corps of Engineers to include Individual Mobilization Augmentee, Drilling IMA, Troop Program Unit, and Individual Ready Reserve force management.

Resource Management

Responsible for the development and implementation of policies and processes required to justify, defend, and manage the US Army Corps of Engineers financial and staffing resources.  DRM provides the fiduciary and manpower management support and services necessary to execute the Corps annual $20 billion program.

Safety & Occupational Health

Provide policy, programs, technical services, oversight and outreach related to safety and occupational health matters in support of USACE missions worldwide.

Small Business

Developing small businesses and maximizing their opportunities to participate in our procurements, thereby ensuring a broad base of capable suppliers to support the Corps of Engineers’ mission and strengthen the nation’s economic development.

Strategy and Integration 

Maintains and provides innovative professional level strategic planning, analysis, assessment, and monitoring capabilities, methodologies, and approaches to assist HQUSACE and MSC leaders in the development, implementation, and management of command strategic plans and strategies.

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