Pomerleau’s story is, first and foremost, one of strong family values and a solid work ethic, infused with entrepreneurial spirit and leadership. It is a story of growth and evolution, propelling this little company from the Beauce region near Quebec City, to the coast-to-coast business it has become.

It is also a story closely linked to the history of Quebec. The Quiet Revolution in the 60s led to a boom in infrastructure development across the province and Pomerleau was uniquely positioned to benefit from this pivotal shift.

For 50 years, and now with over two thousand projects under our belt, the family business has stayed true to the values of Hervé Pomerleau, the company founder: respect, rigour, relationships, solutions and innovation. Pomerleau’s goal for the years to come: to further strengthen its position as a major player in the Canadian construction industry, equally focused on buildings and civil work.

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