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Construction is complete on our expansion of Karalee Shopping Village #hutchiesbuilt #Repost @promediapublicrelations ・・・ Construction is complete on the $80 million expansion of Karalee Shopping Village, representing the biggest shopping centre upgrade undertaken in Ipswich's north-eastern growth corridor. The expansion, which commenced in April last year, has seen an additional 6,214sqm of retail space delivered, more than doubling the total floor area of the centre. A brand new full-line @Colessupermarket and 15 specialty stores join the existing @Woolworths_au and specialty offering at Karalee Shopping Village. The line-up of new stores includes @Liquorland, Diamond Cut Hair and Makeup, Dollar Deals, Chapters Book Shop, Cafe and Wine Bar, LeTan Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, My Beauty Station, TSG, Karalee Pizza and Ribs, Robbo’s Bakery, Eyecare Plus, @mossandsparrowkaralee, and a dedicated restaurant and food precinct.

"In 2005 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune liver disease that unfortunately attacks the bile ducts of your liver. I was told it would progressively get worse over time which would result in having to get a transplant. Since getting the news I had lived a normal life leading up until January last year when I felt the full effect of it. One day something went click and my liver just stopped functioning as it should. I started feeling really run down and struggled getting to work and then getting through the day. On the scale of needing a transplant you have to have a score of 15 and at the time I was a 16. So the transplant process started and I was listed in June. After being put on the list I received 3 phone calls. I got the first phone call after about 4 months, however at the time I had a sinus infection and was sent home as you need to be healthy everywhere else to get the transplant. So they sent me home and called someone else that eventually got that transplant, which was brutal. So that was the first phone call and I went home and waited another 10 days before I got a second phone call. I got told to come to the hospital but in the process the donor’s liver had deteriorated too badly and I was sent home again. 10 days later I got another call at midnight and went into surgery at 8am. The surgery was 8 hours and I woke up in intensive care. Recovery was about a week in hospital and it was the most challenging time of my life. It's 3 months on now and to be training, surfing and working, doing the things I love, is pretty wild. Since going through the transplant process I can’t stress enough how important it is to register and most importantly to talk with your family about donating your organs as they make the final call. It really does save people’s lives like mine." #humansofhutchies Adam Munro, Scaffold Yard Manager

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