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Regionally rooted, valued globally - that's Clausthal University of Technology. Our training is very popular with national and international companies. Young people in Harz enjoy a different kind of study: the personal atmosphere, the practical teaching, the campus in the countryside. He teaches and researches in engineering, science, computer science and economics.

In a participatory process involving all status groups, we gave ourselves the following mission statement:

We shape our future based on our history.

The Technical University of Clausthal is closely linked to the city of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, the Harz region and its mining history. We continue this tradition, opening ourselves to new ideas and people coming to us from home and abroad. Cohesion and solidarity involve a deliberate approach to diversity - this characterizes the spirit of Clausthal. In partnership we work on the challenges of a sustainable industrial society.

We take our social mission seriously.

Good science is our mission. Transfer and dialogue with politics, business and society is a central concern of ours. We are an international university with a worldwide scientific charisma and at the same time make an active contribution to the development of the region.

We stand for unity and freedom from research and teaching.

We place high demands on the quality of research and teaching, which can only develop in unity and freedom. Freedom is perceived responsibly. Outstanding achievements in research and teaching are highly valued at our university and are actively promoted.

We promote the development of competencies and personality.

We are the starting point and destination of students and researchers from all over the world. We consider and integrate the diversity of our members to ensure cosmopolitanism, creativity and equal treatment. In this environment we enable a holistic, scientific education. This includes the acquisition of scientific competences as well as the development and development of the personality for the individual professional and life paths. Competence and personality characterize our alumni, with whom we remain connected in many ways.



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