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Chemical Engineering is published monthly by Access Intelligence, primarily for chemical engineers and related technical people in the chemical process industries (CPI), as well as at engineering, design and construction companies that serve the CPI.The CPI consist of: chemicals, including petrochemicals; drugs and cosmetics; explosives and ammunition; fats and oils; fertilizers and agricultural chemicals; foods and beverages; leather tanning and finishing; lime and cement; synthetic fibers; metallurgical and metal products; paints and coatings; petroleum refining and coal products; plastics; rubber; soap and detergents; stone, clay, glass and ceramics; wood, pulp, paper and board; other chemically processed products. It is not uncommon for our readers to also get involved in other fields that employ chemical engineering technology.The magazine is edited for the โ€œtechnical decision-maker,โ€ an individual who applies engineering training to the making of technical and business decisions. This person most often is a chemical engineer, chemist or mechanical engineer, working in research and development, design, construction, production or technical management. Whether a recent technical graduate or someone with years of experience, this individual is applying technology for profit in the CPI.Such a person looks to Chemical Engineering for practical information that can be used directly on the job, plus the latest about whatโ€™s happening in, or will be affecting, the CPI.Serving these needs is the primary function of our magazine. The reader comes first! This means that we seek out and select only those manuscripts and press releases that will serve the reader. Our reputation and credibility have been built on this policy โ€” it guarantees that material we publish will attract serious reader attention.Chemical Engineering is not subsidized by any professional society or organization. We solicit subscriptions from engineers and other technical persons in the CPI according to carefully drawn up standards related to education and job function. In this way, we reach the influential decision makers in the CPI.Our worldwide audience, including those readers who see routed copies of the magazine, surpasses a quarter of a million people. This is a readership unrivaled by any other CPI publication. So, material published in Chemical Engineering gets unmatched exposure.



Access Intelligence LLC is founded on many years of editorial excellence. It is a tradition that is evident in all our products, from daily newsletters, to pricing intelligence services, websites, magazines, e-newsletters, webinars and conferences.Whether you are seeking the most up-to-date and authoritative editorial analysis, or whether you are planning a marketing campaign to reach the international decision-makers in these worldwide industries, our editorial standards and our global audiences provide you with the unparalleled expertise and the coverage you need.

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