LNG Cargo Operations Course

LNG Cargo Operations Course

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ADU Services has developed a number of online professional courses for the maritime industry and institutions in collaboration with numerous industry leaders. We continue to work with the industry and the institutions in designing and developing online and "blended" solutions focused to their individual needs.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is a clean, eco-friendly, and easy-to-burn fuel. It has good heating ability (calorific value) and offers relatively better fuel efficiency when used for domestic or industrial purposes. The worldwide share of LNG trade has increased from 6% in 1970 to over 30% today. This boom has led to rapid expansion in the LNG trade and the number of LNG ships carrying this cargo.

However, the supply of qualified and experienced crew to man these specialist vessels is unable to keep up with the demand. Hence, qualified crew members are highly sought after and well-rewarded.

To support this demand, ADU Services is offering this first ever, interactive course that will benefit those interested in this area of opportunity and professional development.

ADU Services in collaboration with Malaysian Maritime Academy (ALAM) developed the world's first web based LNG program designed to assist seafarers and maritime workers effectively and efficiently manage LNG Shipping operations. This program is comprised of six topics and is certified by the Det Norske Veritas following DNV standard 3.303. The Malaysian International Shipping Co (MISC), one of the largest transporter of LNG cargo, assisted with the review of this program.

LNG Basics

Physics and Chemistry, Principles of Design, Principles of Operations, Cargo Containment, Propulsion System

LNG Equipment

Inert Gas Generation Plant, Nitrogen Generation Plant, Gas Compressors, Gas Heaters, Vaporizers, Cargo Pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Relief Pumps, Reliquefaction Plant

LNG Ancillary Systems

Cofferdam Heating System, Portable Gas Detectors, Fixed Gas Detection Systems, Level Gauging Systems, Custody Transfer System, Distributed Control System, Certified Safe Electrical Equipment

LNG Cargo Operations

Post Delivery, Normal Voltage, Pre-Docking, On Moss Carriers, Ship to Ship Transfer, Emergency Mooring Release

LNG Security

Scenarios, ISPS Code, OPLAN and MTSA

LNG Commercial

Stakeholders, Jargon Buster, LNG Time Charters, Measurement Principles, Boil-off and Heal, Terminal Compatibility

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