Top Conferences for Electrical Engineering in the US in 2020

Top Conferences for Electrical Engineering in the US in 2020


Engineering conferences are great venues to network with potential clients and employees, as well as learn new techniques in the industry. Conferences are effectively a must for electrical engineers looking not only to further their careers, but also to benefit of the company they represent. Implicitly or explicitly, a company’s engineer who is sent to a conference will act to promote their employer to other vendors and potential clients. It is a great opportunity to subtly send out calling cards while simultaneously getting answers to technical difficulties the company is experiencing.

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top american conferences in electrical engineering in 2020

1. IEEE CCWC 2020: 10th Annual Computing and Communication Workshop and Conference

January 6-8, 2020
University of Nevada
Las Vegas, USA

The IEEE CCWC is an event that provides opportunities for researchers, educators, and students to discuss and exchange ideas on the issues, trends, and developments in computing and communication. It brings together various scholars from different disciplines and backgrounds to discuss and disseminate current research in the field. The conference will feature panel discussions, keynotes, invited speakers, and exhibits from various industries.

Two workshops will be conducted on January 8th on data analysis and the internet of things (IoT), while the corporate exhibitions and product displays will be available during the last two days of the conference. Interested companies and individuals who wish to submit papers for CCWC can do so on the following topics and technical areas of interest: algorithms and theory, autonomic and trusted computing, cloud, cluster, grid and P2P computing, control systems and applications, information theory and coding, and space surveillance techniques.

2. 2020 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SII)

January 12-15, 2020
Hawaii Convention Center
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

The IEEE/SICE SII is a symposium series that focuses on current and future innovations in system integration. Expected attendees of the event are industry experts, researchers, and academics who will share their ideas and experiences in frontier technologies as well as breakthroughs and innovative solutions and applications.

Focus areas for the conference include new research and industrial applications of system integration and a discussion on methods to improve system integration effectiveness. The sponsors of the event are the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE), and the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society.

3. 2020 21st International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED)

March 25-26, 2020
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, California, USA

The ISQED 2020 is an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary conference on electronic design that aims to bridge the gap between electronic and semiconductor ecosystem members. It provides a venue to discuss electronic design tools, semiconductor technology, packaging, assembly, and testing, as well as integrated circuit technologies. The two-day event will have tutorials and in-depth sessions including keynote presentations by major industries and academic experts.

Some of the sponsors of the event are the IEEE Reliability Society, IEEE Circuits and Systems Society, International Society for Quality Electronic Design, and the IEEE Electron Devices Society. Similarly, some participating organizations are 4Plus Technologies, Alcatel Microelectronics, Altera Corporation, Apple Inc., Boeing Satellite Systems, Ericsson, and the Hewlett-Packard Company.

4. IEEE Haptics Symposium 2020

March 28-31, 2020
Crystal Gateway Marriott
Washington, DC

The IEEE Haptics Symposium 2020 is an interdisciplinary forum for research in engineering, neuroscience, perception, and design. Participants will be able to share new advances, spark new collaborations, and envision a future where physical interactions are enriched through haptic technologies. There will be technical paper sessions, cross-cutting challenge sessions, work-in-progress posters, and hands-on haptic demonstrations.

Current sponsors of the event are the IEEE, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, and the Haptics Technical Committee. Scheduled presentations include the Cross-Cutting Challenge (CCC) Theme 1 & 2, and the IEEE Transactions on Haptics.

5. IEEE Annual Green Technologies Conference 2020

April 1-3, 2020
Sheraton Hotel Downtown
Oklahoma City, OK

The Green Technologies Conference is an event conceived to address 21st-century challenges in securing green and clean energy sources. It aims to encourage understanding and persuade collaboration from experts with various backgrounds and disciplines to address the challenges of adopting green and clean energy sources as well as the challenges posed by energy grid operations as they relate to building a resilient power grid.

With the theme of "Collaborative Technologies," the main goals of the event is to foster collaboration and networking such that those relationships can, in turn, drive technology that will increase efficiency and improve the quality of life. The event is hosted by IEEE, IEEE USA, Mercer, TIGA, First Solar, and New York Life. For companies and individuals who wish to submit their activity/paper to support green technologies, the following tracts are welcomed: energy generation & storage technologies, environmental, legal, social, economic, and political impacts, radar, weather forecasting, water and sanitation, and energy usage, reduction, and conservation.

6. IEEE SusTech 2020: 7th IEEE Conference on Technologies for Sustainability

April 23-25, 2020
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Santa Ana
Santa Ana, California

With next year's theme, "Technologies that contribute to sustainability in all applications affecting human life," the SusTech 2020 is designed to explore the evolution and implementation of science, engineering, and technology as they relate to attaining a sustainable lifestyle. The event is expected to involve engineers, scientists, technologists, and scholars from various disciplines. They plan to hold a dialogue on environmental issues and collaborate on ideas that will develop and utilize tools and intelligent systems.

Some of the topics to be covered include renewable/alternative energy, smart grid, water resources management, societal implications, ocean water and pollution, and a sustainable internet of things. The event's technical partners are the IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, Environmental Engineering Initiative, Society for Social Implications of Technology, and the IEEE-USA.

7. 2020 IIEE Systems Security Symposium (SSS)

April 6-9, 2020
Crystal Gateway Marriott
Crystal City, Virginia, USA

The 2020 IIEE Systems Security Symposium (SSS) or IEEE/NDIA/INCOSE Systems Security Symposium 2020 is an event that aims to address the overlap of engineering, cybersecurity, and safety concerns with an interest in the effective application of security principles, methods, and tools. This is aimed to be applied to complex systems like autonomous systems, cyber-physical systems, large IoT systems, medical devices, and vehicles. Among the topics to be discussed during the event are the engineering of safe, secure, and resilient systems, model-based engineering focused on security, safety, trust, resiliency, attack/defense modeling, simulation, and characterization, and tailored risk-management approaches for large complex systems.

Registration will start on January 1st, 2020, with prices varying from $50 to $795, depending on the membership status and student status. Some sponsors of the event are the IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, IEEE Systems Council, INCOSE, Systems Engineering Research Center, NDIA, and the University of Virginia.