Top Companies For Automotive Engineers

Top Companies For Automotive Engineers


Automotive engineers tend to be highly passionate about their jobs, as most started their careers spending their free time modifying or repairing old petrol-powered cars, that often broke down if we’re being honest with each other. The automotive industry is moving rapidly towards a market where internal combustion engines are beginning to be actively phased out. Major cities around the world are placing ever more severe deadlines and penalties on vehicles that pollute the air. Vehicles are losing their complex, noisy and often dirty mechanical hearts and being replaced with simple, silent and clean electric motors.

What’s more is that these vehicles are being set up for autonomous operation, completely removing the driver from the equation. For the petrol heads among us this all seems very boring, you will no longer be the one piloting the machine and feeling the rumble of the engine as you drive on those long winding roads but rather just a passenger in a silent, very fast, super intelligent machine of the future. However, clinging to the past will not serve any purpose other than to make you irrelevant in this rapidly changing field. The list below aims to give some guidance on where you should aim your sights if you want to find an automotive job.

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top companies for automotive engineers

1. Tesla

This is an obvious one. Tesla is continuously in the news for both good and bad reasons. The good being beautifully designed vehicles that look more like an Apple product than a car. The bad being missed production goals, questionable autonomous features and the oft borderline bizarre twitter antics of its visionary leader Elon Musk. Tesla set out with the goal of making electric cars mainstream and have in large part succeeded in achieving that, their cars now a familiar sight on the high street. Electric cars are definitely not a new technology, but they have long been in the shadow of internal combustion powered vehicles due in part to the limited energy storage capabilities of batteries. However, Tesla battery technology has progressed exponentially making these types of vehicles not only feasible but also relevant. Despite a few reports to the contrary, Tesla is known as a challenging, but also, rewarding place to work and offers a front row seat in the coming electric car revolution. The recent success of the model 3 and the upcoming Tesla truck and pick up truck, make working for Tesla very interesting indeed. Some of the advantages of working for Tesla are indicated below:

Employment Advantages

- Cutting edge technology on the leading edge of electrical and autonomous vehicles.
- Challenging work environment.
- Elon Musk has stated from the start that he wants to force the world into transitioning into a greener and cleaner future. Not many companies can boast such altruistic goals. At Tesla, you can truly feel that you are changing the world.

Interesting Projects

Tesla is no stranger to interesting projects. Some of the key ones are listed below:

- Tesla is taking a giant leap into the world of trucking with their Semi, it has been spotted around town during testing and if all the hype is to be believed it will take the trucking industry by storm.
- An all-electric pick-up truck is in the works by Tesla and is set to take the market by storm. Initial renderings of the pick-up look very interesting indeed.
- The final vehicle in Musk’s line up, the model Y, will be an SUV with a whole range of interesting features.