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Hundreds of high school seniors in Cumberland County are eligible for the NJ STARS program, providing them with FREE tuition at Cumberland County College! Are you one of them?

Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship

"You work hard and make the grades, and we will cover the cost of your education."
-NJ Governor's Office

Who is Eligible? 

This year's graduates from N.J. high schools in the top 15% of their graduating class may be eligible for NJ STARS. We are currently admitting prospective high school graduates.

How Does it Work?

First year: Students must be in the top 15% of their high school class and must apply for all other forms of state and federal financial aid, not including student loans.

Second year: Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA , be full-time degree-seeking students at the county college and file a financial aid renewal application by the end of May of each year.

STARS II: Extends the STAR scholarship to eligible STAR graduates to New Jersey 4 year public colleges and universities. Please see for scholarship guidelines.

What are the Scholarship Guidelines?

The Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) is the governing agency and will determine guidelines for state residency, refund and repayment.

Cumberland County students must attend CCC unless their chosen degree program is not offered by the college. The student may attend another county college within New Jersey and will still be eligible for NJ STARS.

Beginning with the June 2009 high school graduates, students must complete all necessary pre college courses within one year of high school graduation. Students will not be considered for the scholarship until they are the college level in all subject areas through Accuplacer exam scores, brush-up courses, and/or remedial/developmental courses. Students must enroll full time for a minimum of 12 credits. The scholarship will pay up to 18 college credits a semester.

The Scholarship covers the tuition for two years or up to five consecutive semesters, including any semesters for which they are eligible but do not receive a NJ STARS award.

If the student does not enroll for a semester, they are no longer eligible for NJ STARS unless they have a documented medical leave or a family emergency and are approved by the college to stop attending. Students have two calendar years from their high school graduation date to apply for NJ STARS, though, students must complete any necessary developmental/remedial coursework within one year of high school graduation.

The Scholarship, along with other financial assistance, must not exceed the cost of the tuition and fees.

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Postgraduate scholarships


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