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Research/project funding

Funding your education can be challenging, and finding online college scholarships and grants can be time-consuming and difficult. Find unique scholarships and grants for students from Ashford University.


From local scholarships in San Diego to scholarships for business majors in the Forbes School of Business & Technology™, you may be eligible for one of several Ashford University scholarships.

Current scholarships include:

Business School Scholarships

Senior Project Scholarship

Entrepreneurship Scholarship

NEU (No Excuses University) Scholarships

Teacher Scholarships

Parent Scholarship

Community Scholarships, San Diego

Homefront Heroes Scholarship 

Promises2Kids Guardian Scholar Scholarship 

To apply for a Forbes School of Business & Technology scholarship, NEU scholarship, or a San Diego community scholarship, please select from the options above. You may apply to multiple scholarships. Each scholarship’s application is unique and only enters you for that entry period. Scholarships do not have to be repaid.

New scholarships and their entry periods are posted throughout the year, so whether you’re interested in a business scholarship, entrepreneurship scholarship, community scholarships or more, make sure to visit this page regularly. Each scholarship has unique terms and conditions, including eligibility requirements. Visit the specific scholarship link for more information about how the scholarship works and how to apply.


Grants may be available to first year students, employees of companies that have partnered with Ashford University, and current and former members of the military. Current grants include:

Alumni Tuition Grant

Bridge Grant

Full Tuition Grant

Military Grant

Each grant available from Ashford University has unique and specific eligibility requirements. Please visit each grant page to determine if you could be eligible, or call 866.711.1700 to talk to an advisor.

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Research/project funding


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