Cornell Children's Tuition Scholarship (CCTS)

Cornell University offers eligible employees a program to provide assistance in paying tuition costs for their children. The Cornell Children's Tuition Scholarship (CCTS) program assists employees' children in reaching their higher education goals. CCTS provides the children of eligible employees a partial scholarship for study at Cornell or other accredited institutions, and is administered pursuant to the approval of the Board of Trustees as adopted on January 20, 1966, and as amended from time to time. 

For Cornell Students

Once your application has been reviewed for eligibility, CCTS notifies the Office of the Bursar with the award amount for the academic year to credit to the student’s account. You will receive notification that the award payment was made once your application has been approved. No further action by the employee or the student is required.

Cornell students may receive benefits for summer/winter courses taken at Cornell, without prior authorization from the school or college granting the Cornell degree. Cornell students may also receive benefits for summer/winter courses taken at another institution. Payments to outside schools are provided at 30% of the outside school’s tuition and fees. Summer/winter credits are deducted from undergraduate semesters. Students should e-mail with the number of credits.

Study Abroad

Any student who wishes to study abroad must submit written authorization from the degree granting institution the student is attending stating that the credits received will be accepted and have the approval of the plan administrator before a CCTS payment can be made.

For Students Enrolled at Other Institutions

Once your application has been reviewed for eligibility, you will receive a certification form as an attachment in your approval email. It is your responsibility to submit the certification form for completion by the school your student is attending. Once the school sends the completed form back to you, it is your responsibility to submit the form to Benefits Administration, 395 Pine Tree Road, Ithaca, NY 14850.

Submit only the certification for the current term the student is attending. Certification forms for future terms will not be accepted by Benefits Administration (i.e. do not submit both fall & spring certification forms at the same time.) Payments for CCTS awards cannot be made until the completed certification form is received for each semester. Once the payment has been processed, you will receive an email confirming the amount that will be sent to the school. Please allow 2-4 weeks for the school to receive the award. CCTS is not responsible for late fees that due to the timing of the CCTS award being received by the school.




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