PhD in Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering

The Department of Energy, Environmental & Chemical Engineering brings together an interdisciplinary group of faculty to tackle global challenge problems related to energy, environment, and health. EECE provides integrated and multi-disciplinary programs of scientific education in cutting-edge areas organized through four clusters: 1) Aerosol Science & Engineering; 2) Engineered Aquatics Processes; 3) Metabolic Engineering and Systems Biology; and 4) Multiscale Engineering.

Brief summary of requirements for PhD program:

  • Base competency in core subject areas demonstrated by passing the qualifying examination in first year of residency in the program
  • Research rotations in first semester of study prior to choosing a permanent adviser
  • Demonstrated teaching experience as per graduate school teaching requirement
  • Minimum of 36 credits for coursework and minimum of 30 credits for PhD research; total of 72 credits to earn the PhD degree
  • Defend a proposal within 18 months of passing the qualifying examination
  • Defend PhD dissertation by making an open oral seminar presentation, followed by questions from the dissertation committee members

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