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Chemical engineering and bioengineering inhabit an exclusive position at the interface between engineering and molecular science. Intimately connected to the basic sciences such as chemistry, biology and physics – and in association with engineering disciplines such as mechanical engineering, materials science, electrical engineering and computer science – chemical engineering and bioengineering aim to develop new processes and methods for the design, production, transformation and application of existing and novel materials. The basic mission of chemical and bioengineers is to develop new applications of molecules and biomolecules that will improve the quality of life, and to produce them in quantities and at a cost that allows them to be accessible to all.

Optional industry internship instead of the research project to strengthen link to industry.

More consistency through adjustment (reduction) of credits for core and elective subjects with reference to Bachelor’s courses. As a consequence, a smaller amount of credits has to be acquired in the category ‘core subject’ in favour of more freedom of choice and therefore an increased possibility of specialization.

Deletion of ‘Chemical Engineering Laboratory II’ in favour of an upgrade of the more popular research project (longer duration and more credits).

Equalisation and adjustment of credits for research projects in chemistry and chemical and bioengineering to a more realistic scale.

Upgrading of the Master’s thesis by extending the duration and increasing credits. Additionally, relativisation of the thesis’ ratio in the final diploma grade which is newly calculated as the weighted average of all grades with the corresponding amount of credits as the weighting factor.

Implementation of a new elective category “Economics and Technology Management” to promote competences in the field of economy, leadership, coaching and project management.

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