Master of Engineering (Mechanical)

Specialise in cutting-edge technologies

Mechanical engineers are experts in everything from prosthetic limbs and robots to motor vehicles, aircrafts and space stations. They design and develop materials, processes and products—always innovating new ways to improve our lives and the world.

This intensive degree is suited to high-achieving engineering graduates, as well as engineers with relevant work experience. It is fully accredited by Engineers Australia.

What will you do?

Our Master of Engineering (Mechanical) comprises a foundation year and an advanced studies year. With a strong hands-on learning and design focus, you’ll:

  • explore advanced mechanics and structural design
  • study applied aerodynamics and thermodynamics
  • pursue specialist topics according to your interests and career goals
  • build communication and project management skills
  • undertake a significant research project.

To stay in the program, you’ll need to maintain a high grade point average. An exit path will be available if you’re only completing the foundation year. In this case you’ll receive a graduate diploma.

Where could it take you?

You could develop life-saving medical technologies, or innovate in the sustainable energy field. You might design, build and test robots and robotic systems with artificial intelligence. Perhaps you’ll be an aerospace engineer or check naval ships for damage using vibration mechanics.

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24 Months

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Regular fees: 35000 AUD

International Fees : 42000 AUD


Adelaide SA 5005, Australia

Adelaide , Australia

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