Doctor of Engineering

The purpose of the Doctor of Engineering program is to prepare students beyond the application of advanced engineering principles to the ability to perform independent research, problem definition and problem solving. The goal of this program is to produce engineering professionals who are leaders in their fields of academic and applied engineering. The Program leading to the degree of Doctor of Engineering is formally affiliated with the department where activities are most closely related to an applicant's advanced study goals. However, the range of inquiry may (and is encouraged to) cross traditional departmental and school lines such that research and practical experience opportunities are extremely broad, and that highly individualized programs can be pursued.


The Doctor of Engineering program is organized/designed to provide advanced engineering education and experience that are professionally oriented and which will afford graduate degree engineers the opportunity to develop into strong engineering professionals, applied researchers, managers of technology, technically trained educators, and technological advocates. The Doctor of Engineering program is characterized, in large part, by the special nature of the dissertation. As part of the dissertation development process, the student may be required to work with industry, governmental agency, or consulting engineering firm to develop a dissertation topic that is tailored individually to the student. The planning of content for this experience is done in conjunction with the faculty and corporate (government) advisor(s). All parties (student, faculty advisor, corporate advisor) will work together to meet the needs of the student the academic and professional standards of the university, and the competitive posture of the involved corporation (government agency) respectively.

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