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Major improvements in agriculture, breakthroughs in health care, energy production, solutions to environmental challenges - biotechnology is changing our world in exciting ways. Biotech is also one of the more rapidly expanding and diverse areas of employment in today's economy. A career in a biotechnology-related field could lead you to the development of new products and processes to improve the quality of life.

NCC graduates are positioned to compete for a wide range of positions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, governmental institutions such as the FDA, USDA, Department of Defense, NIH, EPA, forensics laboratories, the cosmetic industry, biomedical research institutions and the expanding field of green energy.

Students entering this program should be interested in science and should have taken high school classes in biology, chemistry and algebra (or the equivalent). Students who have not taken chemistry or algebra may do so before beginning the program.

Industrial internships are considered the important part of the biotechnology program. Students are strongly encouraged to seek and apply for the internships; program coordinator will assist interested biotechnology majors in the applications process.

Program Features

Students in NCC's Biotechnology program receive a solid background in math and science and practical knowledge in biotechnology. Students also gain good laboratory and critical thinking skills that make them attractive to employers in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry as manufacturing or research technicians. In addition this program prepares students to transfer to a four year institution should they want to pursue a Bachelors degree in Biotechnology.

The program can be completed on a part time or full time basis.

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