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Mid-level industry position

On any given day, you may be called on to:

+ Plan, conduct, and execute Sandia's science and engineering programs within the spectrum of fundamental research, development, or demonstration;
+ Create and apply scientific theories and laws and engineering methods used within scientific and engineering fields to develop or demonstrate new designs, concepts, materials, machines, products, processes, or systems;
+ Synthesize anticipated future deterrence needs to define weapon system and subsystem requirements;
+ Define and develop advanced and exploratory weapon systems architectures;
+ Conduct or direct system-level design architecture analysis that combines a number of component parts or subsystems into a complete functional system;
+ Define future technology development needs for Sandia;
+ Develop advanced engineering demonstrator and/or test units, conduct testing, and analyze test results.


+ Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering, or other relevant technical discipline plus at least four years of relevant experience; or Ph.D. in these disciplines;
+ Ability to obtain and maintain a DOE Q-level security clearance.


+ Evidence of good verbal and written communication skills, including significant writing, interpersonal, and formal briefing capabilities;
+ Evidence of the proven ability to work within multidisciplinary team environments and in conjunction with diverse collaborators;
+ Evidence of independent resourcefulness in the development of new ideas or programs;
+ Proven evidence of the ability to conduct and lead engineering work in a systems context;
+ Background and understanding of nuclear weapons across the lifecycle is desired, but training in the organization to fill experience gaps is acceptable.

Department Description:

The Advanced and Exploratory Systems Department has responsibility to provide system-level leadership for advanced and exploratory activities across the Nuclear Security Enterprise. The department is currently pursuing numerous laboratory-wide activities to enable a more Agile, Affordable, and Assured Nuclear Weapons Stockpile. These activities include, but are not limited to, developing weapon system architectural designs, exploring system integration options for future missile systems, and developing physical and function demonstration test units for future systems as part of demonstrator programs, providing system context and future technologies needs to internal laboratory-wide research programs, and partnering with the broader Sandia community. In addition, the department is responsible for establishing and building internal and external partnerships with NNSA Federal Program Managers, Air Force program managers, Sandia nuclear weapons component organizations, the Sandia science & technology community, system analysis and strategic partnering groups, the Kansas City Plant National Security Campus (NSC), and many others. With its sister group in Sandia/NM, this department is responsible for the leading the overall direction of Sandia advanced and exploratory engineering efforts as it pertains to our future nuclear weapon deterrence.

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Mid-level industry position


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