Sr. Chemical Engineer

The Sr. Chemical Engineer will be responsible for improving existing technologies and developing new technologies within the corporate research and development organization. This role will require the use of engineering fundamentals, test design, and project management skills to complete projects.

Responsibilities within this role include:

  • Responsible for all phases of assigned standard engineering projects, ensuring the successful conclusion of all phases within an appropriate time and at appropriate cost.
  • Perform analyses to develop design options or recommendations for structures, systems and components.
  • Conduct feasibility studies to determine manpower and cost estimates and develop engineering criteria. Prepare or secure and review cost estimates, complete required cost and equipment information and write appropriation requests.
  • Utilize value added solutions such as new technologies, cost reductions and/or quality improvements.
  • Provide input on critical problem areas, alternative solutions and potential consequence in the product development process.
  • Apply performance and qualification tests in a way that advances Donaldson's position in the marketplace.
  • Define and interpret testing needs and analytical requirements.
  • Keep informed of new or improved designs, methods and techniques, materials and other advances in engineering technology.
  • Research potential product developments or applications based on technical trends and platforms.
  • Provide input concerning potential use and benefit of emerging technologies.
  • Participate in short range planning and technical forecasting.
  • Conduct research and experiments which would typically fall outside the normal planning horizon of the organization's business units.
  • Ensure compliance with government and organization engineering standards.
  • Support the development of new filter materials and material production processes in a manner that will maintain or improve the company's product leadership position.
  • Prepare effective project plans for assigned programs.
  • Effectively communicate project status and plans to department leadership and internal customers.
  • Execute in a team environment test plans including process operations, data collection and evaluation, and reporting.
  • Work within the structure of an interdisciplinary technical team to develop new and novel solutions to complex material production issues involving mechanical, chemical, and electrical processes.
  • Troubleshoot and correct physical processes through the application of sound engineering principles and critical evaluation of data.
  • Develop and manage testing programs to evaluate new process performance and improve product and process robustness.

Candidates most successful in this role possess:

Desired education and experience includes:

  • Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Chemistry.
  • 7 plus years of engineering related experience.
  • Demonstrated technical leadership and project management skills.

Knowledge and skillset must include:

  • Safe practices in mixing, distributing, and disposal of solvents, polymers, and other chemicals
  • Planning and operating within a lab environment
  • Strict adherence to safety practices in the lab environment
  • Test design and qualification of filtration media and materials produced
  • Optical and scanning electron microscopy
  • Qualification testing to various filtration and media related standards
  • Solvent systems, evaporation kinetics, emissions control, and proper handling
  • Polymer systems and miscibility
  • Polymer cross-linking and surface modification
  • Proper test documentation and records keeping
  • Ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing with a wide variety of company personnel and others outside of the company.
  • Ability to effectively manage the interaction of suppliers, technology partners and customers in the development and qualification of technology.

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