Applications Specialist

Chipton-Ross Inc

"Evaluate amorphous damage layer thickness as a function of ion type, energy, and angle of incidence for FIB prepared TEM Lamella.
"Evaluate differential sputter rates between ions with different substrate types.
"Evaluate nanotexturing from non-normal incidence sputtering, and methodologies for minimizing this effect.
"Characterize damage induced by Xe during lamella thinning for various processing parameters.

Minimum Qualifications:
"Must be a current masters or PhD student in physics, chemistry, materials science or related field.
"Demonstrated ability to acquire and analyzed data, and synthesize relevant conclusions.
"Must have excellent verbal and written communication skills. 
"Proven ability to interact with cross - functional and cross - cultural teams.

Preferred Qualifications:
"Proficiency in operating Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Focused Ion Bean (FIB), and Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) instrumentation.

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